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What is Polymer Clay?

Polymer clay is a man-made clay mainly consisting of a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) base. PVC is an artificial plastic polymer and is one of the most widely used plastics in the world. Other components of polymer clay include resins, fillers and coloring. These ingredients give polymer clay its flexibility, soft texture and vibrant color. The polymer clays we use are non-toxic and free of wheat, dairy, gluten, sulfur, nuts and latex.

Are Polymer Clay earrings heavy?

Not at all! Polymer clay once baked is super light weight. Each pair will weigh more or less depending its size.

Why are there imperfections in my items?

Each item of Carlisle Clay jewelry is made by hand, making each item unique and subject to slight imperefections. These include but are not limited to slight bubbling, slight sctraches and inconsistent pattern or texture. We try our best to ensure quality and consistecy with each item. If you are unsatisfied with an item recieved or have recieved a damaged item, please contact us via email at CarlisleClayRaleigh@gmail.com

What if my item is damaged or broken?

We understand that accidents happen, but your personal style shouldn't have to suffer. We will make repairs as needed, just pay shipping (one-way) and we will make sure your favorite pair is ready to make your next event or outfit shine. Simply email us a picture of your broken or damaged item and we will send you options for repair or replacement.

Where/how should I store my items?

When not in use, store it in a container to avoid scratches from sharp objects. Keep away from extreme heat. Avoid dropping your items as the small and intricate details may come off due to the impact.

How should I care for my polymer clay jewelry?

Polymer clay is fade resistant and waterproof making items durable when proper care is taken. To clean the polymer clay jewelry, simply use a piece of moist soft fabric and a mild soap, and gently wipe clean. You may also use a tooth brush with a soft bristle to remove dirt and dust. We also recommend avoiding the application of perfume, deodorant and hairspray while wearing your items as direct contact with the oils in these products could affect the appearence of your jewelry. Although waterproof, remove your earrings when showering or going into the pool/water.

What if I dont find something that suits my style or desired look?

We would be more than happy to accomadate custom orders. Simply send us and email with your color or pattern needs and we will get back to you with options and pricing.

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